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Things to look for in a new digital camera:
1) The number of megapixels - the more the better (a 10 megapixel camera produces twice the picture quality of a 5 megapixel camera.
2) The size and weight of the camera (some cheaper models are heavier and larger.

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Cheap Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are cameras that can take video and / or still photographs digitally by recording the images on a light-sensitive sensor and on to a memory card. These photos or videos can then be downloaded to a computer for viewing or printing.

Digital cameras include features that are not found in film type cameras, such as displaying an image / picture on the camera's screen immediately after it is taken and even after it has been taken, the capacity to take thousands of images on a single small memory device, the ability to record video with sound, the ability to edit images, and deletion of images allowing re-use of the storage they occupied.

Types of Digital Cameras:
Mini Compact
Digital SLR
Prosumer - Prosumer cameras generally have better lenses and also image resolution than compact versions.

Digital Camaera FAQ: